PLANTAS EN VENTA PRONTO/PLANTS FOR SALE SOON !!                                                                             Hello there,I´m Robin Fuller and  along with my wife Valerie,we have a small cactus and succulent hobby nursery in the south of Spain,near the city of Cartagena in the province of Murcia.We have lived here for over 18 years now after moving from near Newmarket in Suffolk.  We grow most of our plants from seed as the climate here is nearly always hot and sunny ------just what cactus like!  We have a varied selection of plants. A few years ago, I decided I´d like to get away from the antisocial spines of cactus and have decided to branch out into Haworthias,Gasterias and Dwarf Aloes and revisit mesembryanthemums.  I am by no means any sort of expert on the above!!  Valerie also likes to grow various perennials, shrubs and trees as well as succulents so we have quite a varied mix of plants.

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