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Posted on October 27, 2020 at 11:05 AM

I'm sure I've written some updates this year sometime, they all seems to have disappeared!  The year in a nutshell really is that in March we lost our lovely Doberman,Bruno to a massive heart attack.  He was only two.  Then later in the summer Robin had both cataracts treated successfully, this was followed by myself having surgery for a hip replacement in October which seems to have gone amazingly well and to continue the happy news, we now have a Doberman puppy to add to our workload !!              Robinhas started to pick the olives and already taken 364 kilos to be processed.  Last year he picked three and a half tons but this year I shall be surprised if he manages a ton.       It has been a very dry year, with no rainfall to speak of.  The gardens have been drifting into disrepair as I have been unable to walk properly or do any work at all round the place.  Gales in early summer blew down some dead trees so Robin and Ascensio got to work with the chain saw but then everything had to be left as no fires were allowed until mid October.  Now that I am mobile again and we can have garden fires, the great tidy up has begun!                                    The greenhouse plants don't care how little rain we've had as they are looked after anyway so have bloomed spectacularly all year virtually.  Now is Lithops flowering time.  I'm always amazed at the perfume that comes of those tiny yellow flowers.  Robin has toned down the growing somewhat as there have been no markets all summer due to the dreaded Covid.  It is, of course, impossible to cease sowing and growing when you are a cactophile/plantaholic ! 

2019 Half way over !

Posted on July 20, 2019 at 3:15 AM

Well this year has whizzed by !! More surgery for Robin and my new knee not behaving has slowed us down yet again.  I am now waiting to have my knee operated on again as it is unstable and I'm still unable to walk properly on it and have to use a stick most of the time.......very annoying and frustrating.  However, we have soldiered on and my Japanese Morning Glories are now blooming daily with new, spectacular flowers. The temperatures this summer are very high, in the high 30's and even 42 on some days.  This is no good for anything.  Scorched leaves are everywhere and watering everything in pots is a daily chore in order to keep everything happy.  Bruno Doberman has settled down at last and is now a huge addition to the finca in more ways than one!  Two newcomers have arrived in the form of a pair of Sulcata tortoise hatchlings.  They are slowly increasing is size and learning to eat various weeds and flowers etc from the  garden.  They don't mind the heat.  The guineapig, on the other hand does mind the heat and shares his quarters every day with a frozen bottle of water while this heat goes on.  


Posted on November 26, 2018 at 11:40 AM

What a year it has been !  My knee rapidly worsened and left me waiting for a call from the hospital to go in for replacement knee surgery.   I could only move short distances with the aid of my walking stick so very little has gone on in the way of seed sowing, veg garden, tree planting etc.  Robin became the grocery shopper !  Eventually I was admitted to hospital on October 8th and out again after 4 days with my new knee in situ !  It was also  busy visitor wise with all of Robin's 3 children visiting us at various times over the year. The garden has certainly suffered as we've been unable to keep up with planting, weeding, tidying and pruning etc.  However, now my knee is on the mend, I have started the great tidy up !  The year has been VERY dry with no rain falling on us since around February or March. Surprisingly, we've had irrigation water every month despite thinking we'd have none.  The rain eventually came in November and was most welcome although if you lived along the coast you didn't feel the same way as Los Alcazares and many other towns suffered serious flooding yet again.  Here, all the water ended up in the garden and was greatfully received by everything. Within a week or two the Aloes started sending up their flower stems and, of course, the weeds have grown everywhere almost overnight it seemed !  Robin has had a good year seedwise and has thousands of seedlings to keep him busy transplanting for the next 6 months ! We've gone a bit mad on Ceropegias this year and they seem to like us and grow really well. Robin is still waiting to go into hospital for his surgery so we're not out of the woods yet re hospital time.  We've  already started collecting seed from various sources ready to start sowing in 3 months time ........can't wait !!!


Posted on January 8, 2018 at 7:35 AM

Winter has been confusing this year with quite high temperatures in late December.  Now, into the second week of January, it has cooled down again in our area of Murcia with 7 being the temp. first thing in the morning, rising to 15 at midday. Further north in Spain there is a lot of ice and snow.......better here!

        The main talking point of course is the ongoing drought.  It is all over Spain not just in Murcia and unless there is some serious, prolonged rainfall the agricultural side of things will be in serious trouble.  There is some doubt as to whether the canal that supplies the area (and us) with irrigation water, will actually have any water in it this year. We've had no water for a few months now and have luckily managed to buy several fills for our irrigation pool from our neighbouring farmer friend as he had a lot of fallow land all summer.  This generosity will now come to an end I think !!

        The other worry is the bacterium that is devastating olive and almond trees as well as many other species and for which there is no cure, as yet.