2019 Half way over !

Posted on July 20, 2019 at 3:15 AM

Well this year has whizzed by !! More surgery for Robin and my new knee not behaving has slowed us down yet again.  I am now waiting to have my knee operated on again as it is unstable and I'm still unable to walk properly on it and have to use a stick most of the time.......very annoying and frustrating.  However, we have soldiered on and my Japanese Morning Glories are now blooming daily with new, spectacular flowers. The temperatures this summer are very high, in the high 30's and even 42 on some days.  This is no good for anything.  Scorched leaves are everywhere and watering everything in pots is a daily chore in order to keep everything happy.  Bruno Doberman has settled down at last and is now a huge addition to the finca in more ways than one!  Two newcomers have arrived in the form of a pair of Sulcata tortoise hatchlings.  They are slowly increasing is size and learning to eat various weeds and flowers etc from the  garden.  They don't mind the heat.  The guineapig, on the other hand does mind the heat and shares his quarters every day with a frozen bottle of water while this heat goes on.  

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