Posted on November 26, 2018 at 11:40 AM

What a year it has been !  My knee rapidly worsened and left me waiting for a call from the hospital to go in for replacement knee surgery.   I could only move short distances with the aid of my walking stick so very little has gone on in the way of seed sowing, veg garden, tree planting etc.  Robin became the grocery shopper !  Eventually I was admitted to hospital on October 8th and out again after 4 days with my new knee in situ !  It was also  busy visitor wise with all of Robin's 3 children visiting us at various times over the year. The garden has certainly suffered as we've been unable to keep up with planting, weeding, tidying and pruning etc.  However, now my knee is on the mend, I have started the great tidy up !  The year has been VERY dry with no rain falling on us since around February or March. Surprisingly, we've had irrigation water every month despite thinking we'd have none.  The rain eventually came in November and was most welcome although if you lived along the coast you didn't feel the same way as Los Alcazares and many other towns suffered serious flooding yet again.  Here, all the water ended up in the garden and was greatfully received by everything. Within a week or two the Aloes started sending up their flower stems and, of course, the weeds have grown everywhere almost overnight it seemed !  Robin has had a good year seedwise and has thousands of seedlings to keep him busy transplanting for the next 6 months ! We've gone a bit mad on Ceropegias this year and they seem to like us and grow really well. Robin is still waiting to go into hospital for his surgery so we're not out of the woods yet re hospital time.  We've  already started collecting seed from various sources ready to start sowing in 3 months time ........can't wait !!!

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